Online roulette is a game of complete chance and random fluctuation, and yet still millions of people around the world claim they’ve conquered the roulette wheel. Mathematicians and engineering gamers sit endlessly in hope of finding the perfect system, well news for them, it’s not coming.

To master the game of roulette does not take a winning streak of luck, it does not require a secret strategy that only one billionaire gambler will ever know. It takes nothing more than patience, and a player who truly loves the game for what it is.

These five powerful steps will help you master the art of online roulette or table based casino roulette.

Odds awareness:

Know the game you play, know the bets you make and pay attention to the odds. Top players are able to remember the past few bets to ensure the next placement has a greater chance. If you start making a habit to remember the last ten spins, then you’ll find that your odds awareness will also improve. It’s also a key roulette strategy basic concept to use European roulette tables only.

Walk away at the right time:

Online casinos and roulette tables love players who never leave, it’s the greedy mans belief in wanting and winning more but sadly never happens. To become the perfect roulette master requires having the ability to walk away.

Practice leaving a roulette table with just ten percent profit, it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Go on, try it.

If you can learn to play sharp and short games of roulette, then your concentration and memory will serve you well.

Learn to love red and black roulette:

Don’t get fooled into learning strategies and mathematical systems whilst gambling. You must never over think the game of roulette, it’s basic. So why not employ basic and simple bets. This is why red and black roulette betting remains one of the most popular ways to play.

This way of playing can make the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time.

Always bankroll whilst playing roulette:

The players who lose everything are the players who don’t know how much they’ve got to lose. You should know your boundaries before you even spin the wheel, you should also know what you intend to win and walk away with.

If you have £200 in your casino account, the you should play one game of roulette with no more than £20. This also means that no spin within that roulette game should be played at more than £2. This way of playing roulette can seriously increase your time at the tables, and more time means more chances.

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