Table limits is one of the common sight that can be seen from casino table games. Casinos offer their table game with varying limits from low to high and no limits table games.

Basically, no limits and high limits are most suitable for high rollers. The bankroll of a gambler plays a vital role in determining the type of table limit that a player can afford to play.

High rollers can fare well when playing all types of table limits actually. With consideration to their bankroll capacity, they can always afford playing any table game of varying limits.

Small players however with a limited bankroll are most likely to settle playing low limits table games. This is because they have no chance to beat gamblers with huge bankroll account who can sustain a long term gambling activities on casino games.

It is a disappointing fact sometimes that some casinos offer more high table limit games than the lower limit ones. Many casino players would find more tables with high limits that basically curtail the chance of the smaller gamblers to play table games when all low limit tables are full yet there are more seats available on higher limits table which they cannot afford playing for.

You may wonder why casinos would offer more tables with higher limits when smaller players with limited bankroll are bigger in population than the high rollers. There is a logical principle why this is the case.

Although most table games of the casino have lower house advantage that can be as low as half percent in blackjack with a good play strategy, the casino does not exactly profit only half percent from their player’s game because majority of their gamblers do not play with a correct strategy.

The casino can earn about 16 to 20 percent of their player’s bet on the average when the player does not observe correct play strategy. Hence the casino can earn more money from higher limit table games. A table game with $100 table limits with a few players can earn more than a full $10 limit table game.

The casino can earn a net profit of about $252 from their full five dollar player table in six hours play. However the casino can earn this amount in just half the time from a two player $25 table limit game. But from a $100 table limit game, the casino will earn this net amount in just an hour.

This is how a high table limit games become more profitable to a casino establishment which is the main principle behind the escalating numbers of high limits table game in the casino.

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