Just about everyone knows that, in the virtual world, you can find just about anything you want and you frequently find a whole bunch of stuff you never even imagined. The web expands at the rate of hundreds of thousands of sites every hour, and it will go on infinitely—pretty much the same way we imagine the universe will keep expanding. And in this eternally expanding wonderland, casino gaming is the most rapidly expanding form of commerce. At any given moment, more than ten million people from all around the world are dealing cards, rolling dice, pushing buttons on video slots and poker machines, or just playing innocent games of Yahtzee…for big money, of course.

If you simply enter “online gambling” into your search engine, the first little box will reveal that you have nearly two million choices from which to make a selection. If you search more or less at random, looking more at key words than genuine substance, your search will lead you to gambling sites designed and built by 1980’s software originally developed for Commodore computers and Atari gaming systems. With so many choices, you obviously can afford to be picky. With so many poor choices, you must become selective.

As you choose, set your own standards. Are you going to the site to play cards, to play table games, or to play slot machines? You will find sites devoted to all three varieties of play, and many sites specialize in just one game. Video poker fans, for example, can find more than twenty very high quality sites dedicated to their game and all its variations. Similarly, capitalizing on the poker craze, hundreds of sites offer Texas Hold’Em, and the very best sites attract hundreds of thousands of players, including big-name professionals, every hour.

Are you going for money, for a learning experience, or for social networking? Several reputable sites do nothing by analyze and rank online casinos and poker sites. Several sites break-down casinos according to pay-out ratios, sign-up and loyalty bonuses, average time of play, and players’ return visits—along with every other measure a skilled statistician could conceive. PokerListings.com is the premier site for analyses and reviews of online poker sites. PokerListings updates its top ten list every day, and they post detailed reviews with their in-depth statistical analyses. Best of all, PokerListings.com takes the players’ point of view as they assess and evaluate sites; they look for the best bargains, the biggest bonuses, and the highest jackpots for the least investment. They also analyze the quality of overall play, looking for “loose” players and a lot of action.

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